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Phundundu Development Trust

Local community development & Wildlife & Flora conservation

Our projects are distinguished by the strong focus on the inseparable link between development of the local community and wildlife conservation. Zimbabwe is a so-called third world country and is besieged by poverty. In the absence of food one goes poaching wildlife for the meat. In addition, one earns on the sale of ivory and rhino horn. The wildlife population is under huge pressure and is rapidly disappearing. This while the possibilities in food supply are enormous given the good agricultural land. Investing in food security is win-win. By setting up agricultural projects you not only lift the local population to a higher level of living, the wildlife also experiences the direct positive effects of this. The first project of Phundundu Development Trust takes place in Phundundu. This unique 60,000 ha area is located in Mashonaland West on the Chirundu-Harare Highway and borders on Mana Pools National Parks. Phundundu is divided into a half wildlife area with a half community area at the southern border. The boundaries are open so humans and animals will have to live together in harmony. By supporting the community in food production, water supply and education, it has resulted in poaching being reduced to nil for the past five years.

Besides Phundundu, the Trust started a project in the Banket area in Mashonaland West. Here we work together with families, mostly consisting of a widow with children, on the sustainable cultivation of their agricultural land. Using innovative techniques from the Netherlands. This area is known for the high quality agricultural land and is seen as the agricultural heart of Zimbabwe. The possibilities here are enormous and successes are easy to achieve. In addition to food production for the local market, we focus on export products and setting up production lines for the manufacture of fruit juices and jams. The ultimate goal is the independence of these families and expansion in the area. Also in Mashonaland West, we try to save the wildlife area Maninga from destruction. This area is under heavy threat and the animal population including a unique sable antelope is about to be poached out. This project initially focuses on the emergency intervention by deploying our anti-poaching team in the fight against poaching.


We strive to be a leading institute in empowering the local community through sustainable use of the living environment and natural resources with a direct positive effect on biodiversity.


  • Provide support to local communities through agricultural and business projects to generate a reliable income to the people in the district.
  • Use agricultural areas in full potential.
  • Creating safe areas for wildlife where breeding programs are set up for endangered species.


 Core values

  • Sustainable agricultural development in collaboration with local small-scale farmers with the focus on women and young people.
  • Community-driven wildlife conservation.
Phundundu Development Trust Zimbabwe has a close  partnership with Phundundu Stichting Nederland