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Phundundu Development Trust considers that improving the education system is crucial for the area to overcome poverty and to achieve self-reliant economic development. More children should have access to better education. The school must be a nice place for the children to go to. At the moment the schools are in a dilapidated shed without tables, chairs or other materials. In order to create a safe learning environment, it is necessary to build a decent school, properly furnished and equipped with learning materials.

A Dutch private sponsor has signed up to take the school in Breaside under the wings. This makes it possible to renovate the building, to purchase furniture and materials. This primary school offers education to 60 children, all inhabitants of Breaside. We work with teaching material from Happy Readers.

Happy Readers focuses on positive African values ​​and appropriately addresses issues such as gender-specific problems, cultural aspects and 'better world themes'. Happy Readers publishes a series of Learn-to-Read books developed in Zimbabwe for use in African school situations, especially where English is a second language. The books use African wild animals as characters and are printed on durable paper with large, bright color illustrations. The use of animals as characters increases empathy with the African wildlife. This is the first step towards a generation that will take better care of animals and nature. Teaching the younger generation in this area contributes to solving the Human - Wildlife conflict.

Happy Readers
Happy Readers


Healthcare In the Phunundu area - you’ll find two government clinics. Phundundu Develeopment Trust will provide the basic needs to properly run the clinics and to ensure that the community receives the right treatment and the first aid is adequate.